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On returning from the grocery store, the pretty brunette girl did not think that that’s come across a friend of his girlfriend completely naked with the tail still half bandaged … It does not shock very quickly and know him … Very soon, even ! Front of his torso and his body well muscled male, she drops her little leather jacket and bends his knees to end up at sex. She began the presentations by a large pipe band that makes waking up in the man instantly. It is again ready to eat small mold and hot pink, it laps gently spreads her lips with his hands. The mold of the brunette is already a veritable furnace! Lying on the sofa with the stump in the air, the pretty brunette waiting to be taken … The big man’s cock penetrates through and through, leaving no inch of that pussy unexplored. He rod on the couch and then raises and jumps up, bouncing her body impaled of plague at the end of its tail. After sport, a bit of solace: the greedy brunette spreads her buttocks and … we go for the soda!

Date: April 23, 2020

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